GROUNDING ROD 304 S/S 2.3mm x 80mm (sold in packs of 100)

GROUNDING ROD 304 S/S 2.3mm x 80mm (sold in packs of 100)
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Grounding Rod 304 S/S 2.3mm x 80mm


The Alzone Grounding Rod is installed as the modules are being installed so it will not hinder installation time.


The lightweight Stainless Steel rod is used in conjunction with the Alzone mid clamps. It sits on the rib section on the top of the Alzone Rails, between the rails and panel frames. This enables the tightening of bolts to break anodising finish on both racking and panels to allow earthing for arrays. (1 x grounding rod used per mid clamp)


Once you have installed the grounding rods, perform a continuity test between rail bolts and panel screws to ensure grounding is complete. A standard earthing lug with star washers run off the end of the rail with earth cable down to isolators / junction box / mains depending on the application


It is also very simple retrofit. All you have to do is loosen the mid clamp bolt, prop the side of the 2 panels up by hand, slide the rod underneath the panels, and tighten clamp bolt.

Sold In Packs of 100

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