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Alzone is an Australian owned and operated company who specialises in the development, production, engineering and sales of Australian made PV mounting systems for All Wind Regions in Australia, including All Cyclone areas.

Alzone are one of the longest established suppliers of Solar Mounting systems on the Market and one of the largest Australian Racking manufacturers in the industry.

Alzone products have been distributed throughout the Australian and New Zealand market for over 12 years.

Alzone Framing has been Wind Load Compliant for Region A, B, C and D in Australia since its inception. 

This means Alzone Framing can be mounted anywhere in Australia and New Zealand without any additional wind load compliance needed.

All other suppliers / manufacturers only started complying with Australian Wind load Standards in 2009, even though the Standard came into effect 7 years prior.

When Alzone was first founded only 5 Solar Panel brands existed in Australia, now there are hundreds if not thousands worldwide.

Alzone offer an UNPARALLELED INDUSTRY LEADING 20 YEAR WARRANTY with their racking products.

Other suppliers only offer 5 to 10 year warranties, meaning Alzone's product is warranted for twice as long as the next supplier, and in most cases four times longer than other suppliers.

Ask your current supplier why their mounting systems aren't warranted for this timeframe.

As Alzone Produces Australian made Solar racking, we always have stock on hand in our National distribution Warehouses and because of this donʼt require months of waiting for components / rails to be shipped from overseas.
Also with having stock on hand at all times, it makes it easier and cheaper than having to import a container load of product from Overseas.

Alzone Solar racking is Designed and Engineered to be mounted anywhere on the roof, meaning the systems are not limited to where you can mount them on a roof.
All Products are produced in a Grade 6106 Alloy with a T6 temper, with 10um (Micron) anodising as standard.

Alzone Solar racking has been subjected to Independent salt spray corrosion testing, along with an imported and mill finish section.

The Imported and Mill Finish section showed to have lasted 360 hours of exposure before corroding, while The Alzone Anodised racking has passed 3000+ continuous hours of testing without fail.

Unfortunately the nature of the industry is one motivated by the cheapest prices, rather than quality of product. If the industry was quality based, there would be no competition to Alzone Solar Racking, and we have a much longer warranty on our products to prove it.

Alzone have a very versatile product range which covers a wide range of installations such as:

Alzone have a successful track record of supply of systems throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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